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The new version of Minecraft is aimed at improving game stability and changing internal algorithms. This is due to the latest complaints of MCPE users about bugs, crashes, and errors.


The main addition to the Minecraft Bedrock branch was aimed at buzzing bees. These creatures can adapt to any situation and cope with it. This unusual behavior is due to the addition of a new behavior script.

Pcheli v Minecraft

Information about bees: Bees in Minecraft PE - Peace-loving Mobbies. They are not aggressive to anything and only do all day long pollinating flowers and creating honey. They live in wild hives and use them as protection from enemies as well as the storage of honey. Attack a single bee, threatening to attack an entire angry swarm.

Cellular blocks.

The appearance of the new blocks in Minecraft PE will attract the attention of many Minecraft builders and creative enthusiasts.

Stove blocky Minecraft PE

Stove blocky Minecraft PE has orange and grid patterns. They can be made with the help of 4 honeycombs. At the moment, they are only decorative blocks.

Honey blocks

The useful properties of honey blocks in Minecraft can be discussed forever.

Movie bloke Minecraft

They can be used in rare stone structures, traps (thanks to the sticky property), and as damage mitigation from drops.

Wild Hives

If you are going to find bees in Minecraft Pocket Edition, you need to pay attention to wild hives when searching.

Dickie ylyia v Minecraft PE

These are the hives where bees live. The task of wild colonies is to store honey and protect bees. They are generated mainly next to a floral biome.

Homemade hives

Homemade hives are alternatives to the wild. They can be scrubbed from 3 hundred and 6 boards.

Samodelnie yliya Minecraft PE

Honey can be obtained when you reach level 3. Excellent option for those who want to explore new mobiles.

Character Editor

The function opens up 100 free options for players to edit classic skins.


You can change almost anything, from eye color to mechanical limbs.

Changes in Minecraft PE

The priority for Minecraft PE beta version is working on the performance of the game. If the changes improve game stability, the developers will decide to switch to the new branch of MCPE

Malfunctions .

Mojang AB stated that in this beta version of Meinkraft work was done to eliminate a number of bugs that interfered with the game. The most serious of these was in certain worlds (old and flat), but it was also fixed.

Also a difficult decision was made, as a result of which 256x resolution package was limited in Xbox Live. It was at the cost of the restriction, it was possible to achieve the stabilization of the gameplay. But in the new branch, the restrictions will be removed and everything will be as before.

System .

First of all, an auto-jump bug was fixed, which suddenly turned it on during the game. Also auto-jump plans to improve and make it better in the future.

Mincraft gives players the opportunity to take full advantage of the "double screen" function. Now there should be no errors and the process will work correctly.

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