Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy

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Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is an amazingly lovely game, made in simulator genre. We offer you a small but detailed map. On this map, you will move around with the help of the one in your hands. Want to know what it is? It's a giant hammer that you use to push off surfaces at different speeds. After your hero gets caught, try not to fall for as long as possible. Until the moment you are on the ground, the game will only please you. Try to climb higher and higher. With your gun, you can make even the longest journey. But, beware of the moment when you have to fly to the bottom of the map, accidentally falling off on some trifle. Try to complete the tasks as fast as possible, and get valuable points prizes. Beautiful graphics and h control make this game a massive advertisement.


  • Lots of funny moments;
  • The most dynamic game;
  • It's not very simple;
  • No internet required.

Summary about Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy

Developer Noodlecake Studios Inc
Latest Version 1.9.4
File size 25 Mb
Platforms Android 5.0
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