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The more active the user is in destroying enemies, the more chances he has of completing the task. The enemy will be inventive, and each wave will become stronger, new units with more health will appear. However, they have vulnerabilities that need to be detected as soon as possible to take advantage of them.


Managing the characters in this android application is not easy because there are many factors to consider. You have to aim at targets and shoot yourself. Everything is done manually, without any help. Early training is available, allowing you to bring the user up to date and teach necessary combat skills. After that, the gamer must hone his skills in practice, earning achievements and rewards. Also, the application allows you to play for either side then makes the gameplay more exciting and diverse. Feel like a Stormtrooper, a Jedi, or an installer. Show what you can do to save your territories.

Star Wars: Rivals™Star Wars: Rivals™ Don't let your enemies get close to strategically important objects, or you'll lose.


Star Wars: Rivals™ is a chic, dynamic game with absolutely everything inherent in the genre. Costly battles with a large number of opponents, a wide variety of weapons and heroes, each of which in its way is unique and strong. Feel all the characters to choose the most exciting representative from each side and become a real professional. Go through a fascinating campaign based on the movie and become part of Star Wars history. Battle for famous Jedi to win and discover all your achievements. Share the results of your battles with your friends on social networking sites, get into the rankings of experienced users, and continue your journey as a peacemaker.

Graphics and sound

The application has incredibly beautiful and quality graphics that give the gameplay a great look. Heroes are well-detailed, and they are easy to recognize your favorite characters. Each has unique abilities that are differently designed and developed.

Star Wars: Rivals™Star Wars: Rivals™ High-quality music and sound effects make the gameplay dynamic and lively, allowing the user to feel part of an entire mechanism that confronts enemies.

Game Features

Variety of abilities

Large selection of weapons

A large number of heroes

Elegant design

Dynamic gameplay

User-friendly interface

Lots of tasks

Record table


Star Wars: Rivals™ is a dynamic, intense android game based on Star Wars story, where the user takes an active part in each battle for different characters, using their abilities and forces to lead the side to victory in any possible ways.

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