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Traffic Rider (Fashion: a lot of money) - The developers from Soner Kara studio have released the continuation of their interesting, endless races, but this time we will have to drive motorcycles instead of cars, as it was in Traffic Racer. As usual, we will have to start with the simplest device, which barely accelerates to a hundredth, but after earning money, you can buy a new, more powerful.

And the money here is charged for the range of the ride, as well as for skillful driving and overtaking, moving traffic. If you can bypass the traffic in lapping, with a speed of more than a hundred kilometers, the money will be doubled, as it happens with experience points. In total, the game is available for pumping more than thirty types of motorcycles.

Also, there is a career mode, there must perform various tasks, their number is more than seventy, so there is a place to walk. The first-person view of the race, the schedule is detailed to the smallest particles, plus there are a day and night version. The sounds are not bad; the roar of motorbikes is especially fresh.

Summary about Traffic Rider

Developer Soner Kara
Latest Version 1.70
Platforms Android
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