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  • Android 4.4 +
  • Vesion: 1.19.1
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If you think about it, sausage life isn't easy, especially in Run Sausage Run. She's not just a meat dish here, she's a living creature who likes to run, and she'd rather survive in this difficult business. Gamers will have to manage a slightly frightened and flexible sausage, which runs all the time because it does not want to get into the dish. But she chose not the safest way, because at any moment sausage can be diced, burned, crushed or cut. The appearance of the character is simplified, but has a bizarre look, and the flexibility of the body helps to avoid evil fate. Everything looks very funny, all the animation playful, which is why in case of unsuccessful escape, even the cut sausage does not look serious.

All controls are mastered quite easily, by default the sausage goes at a slow pace, but soon begin to appear obstacles. That's when you press the screen to let the sausage move faster or bend. Running food does not know how to jump, so in the case of moving objects to dodge and follow on. The game also offers coins that can be used to collect new images. In addition, there are bonuses in the game, for example, a snowflake can freeze the movement of blades and other kitchen utensils for a while. The shield will offer gamers invincibility for a short period of time, so you need to run as soon as possible.

There is no specific purpose or meaning in the appendix, but it is a great entertainment in itself. In order to control the sausage, you need to act quickly and carefully, the more paths you take, the higher the score, and don't forget about the different traps, obstacles and dangers. After all, when the sausage rushes over the table and bent, it is important to direct it correctly, otherwise it will be fried, crushed by a heavy hammer or sawn into a couple of parts. The peculiarities of the unusual ranner includes: a large number of skins, which can be bought for coins, difficult obstacles, bright graphics, charismatic character and easy control. All this is able to entice and amuse any fan of such toys.

Summary about Run Sausage Run!

Developer Crazy Labs by TabTale
Latest Version 1.19.1
MOD Features MOD Money
Platforms Android 4.4
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