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Iron Marines Apk Mod ะฐ gorgeous android strategy developed by the guys from Iron Hide Game Studio. Familiar to many gamers in the Kingdom Rush series. Iron Marines will delight android players with its rich gameplay, multiple worlds, and numerous missions, where you not only have to defend your territory but also perform other essential tasks.

For example, in one mission, you need to send troops to save the surviving allies. In the other, you have to sneak into the enemy's rear and seize his territory, and in the third to conquer his lands and all that stuff. You will defend your property with the help of various combat buildings, place dominant defenses on the right points, continuously improve them. Then the enemy will not be able to capture them. To clean up the area, you can send your army, which will consist of various units of different specialization, as well as in all the clashes you will come to the aid of powerful heroes with unique skills.

The coolest thing is that during the battles, the player can at any time change the specialization of their units. To there is in a moment your infantry will turn into assault rifles with rocket-propelled grenades or an artilleryman in a moment will become a sniper rifle. This approach is exciting, and you need to resort to it always because the enemies are not stupid, and if you do not change your strategy in time, you will be defeated.

You can pump your units in every possible way to increase their effectiveness in battle, as well as to pump up and one of the main characters - the mighty heroes, all of them in Iron Marines on the android nine and each unique with exceptional abilities. The tree of technology development is also available, and a lot depends on their pumping, for example, the speed of extraction of the necessary resources, the rate of treatment of the troops, and so on.

Summary about Iron Marines

Developer Ironhide Game Studio
Latest Version 1.7.0
File size 44 Mb
MOD Features MOD Money
Platforms Android 5.0
Content Rating 10+
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Installation Instructions:
  1. download .apk file;
  2. install app;
  3. download data for the game (zip archive);
  4. unzip data on the Path: /sdcard/android/obb/
  5. launch the game.