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The atmosphere of fear, dark compartments of the spacecraft, constant lack of bullets against the background of monsters crawling out of all the cracks. All this and much more awaits you in Dead Space.

Carefully transferred from the PC game has not lost its ability to scare the player, while reliably holding it at the screen device throughout the story. One of the few games from EA, which is not a clone, and is a well-designed and well-thought-out game. The story of the Dead Space game covers the events that took place with the main character of the game in the period between the first and the second parts. Isaac Clarke will return to the dark corridors of Ishimura and finish what he started to destroy a vast monster that has settled in the reactor compartment of the ship and prevents the escape.

It is desirable to connect headphones to the device while passing the sounds in the game are not inferior to those in the original game. The game Dead Space on Android has kept its characteristic features. It's still the same horror game that scares us not so much by monsters and dark corridors as by the feeling of loneliness and helplessness.

This isn't some Android wanderer like Doodle Jump. Necromorphs also remained the same disgusting mutated creatures, the only purpose of which to tear the main character into pieces, they are still difficult to kill and even more so to predict where the next monster will pop out. But do not think that you only have to run away from the monsters, maybe in the beginning and will, but gradually, by the end of the game, it will be easier to play because in the process of passing will grow the arsenal of the hero.

Variety in the tools of tearing monsters into pieces is not much, but what is quite enough for even the most massive and most dangerous mutants. Also, as in the original, all weapons are upgradable on specially allocated machines. The armor is still the only obstacle to the necromorphs journey to the hero's body, and therefore it is necessary to improve and buy new costumes first.

Do not forget to pump the tools built into the suit stasis and kinesis, without which the passage can drag on. Stasis can be "frozen," especially zealous opponents, to safely shoot them. Kinesis will be useful for the removal of debris and solving tricky puzzles in the course of the plot. The control is done conveniently, without unnecessary elements. Almost nothing obstructs the gaming area, which is suitable for immersion in the virtual atmosphere. And a quality, the big screen will help you get involved even better.

Everything is intuitive and addictive, so you don't have to worry about the controls; you can turn the camera with your finger and shoot with the touch of a button in the center. In terms of graphics, developers should be praised, because in Dead Space on the Android preserved the features of the original: texture, style of drawing and design levels all stylized as the original series.

As on the PC, the main attention is paid to the quality of the hero's appearance and weapons in the game. Monsters and corridors are made a little worse, but also entirely at the level. As noted earlier, the sound design of the game is built on first every rustle or squeak, foreshadowing trouble, can be heard very clearly. This is usually found in the applications of the genre of the race, so it is a social highlight.

You can see that while creating a sound background, the developers were looking for inspiration in the original, first part of the series.

And what are the unforgettable moans in the far corners of the ship and the terrible screams of monsters throwing at us?

To sum it up, it's safe to say that Dead Space has succeeded. It is necessary to pass it not only because of a plot bridge between parts of the PC games but also merely because of the perfectly recreated atmosphere of fear and danger which accompany us throughout all match.

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