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One day, a star fell into the city of Darkestville castle. There was a little demon named Sid in it. Sid grew up angry and was always doing all sorts of nasty things, as it was in his nature. He even found an enemy in Dan Tipot.

One day he hires the Romero Brothers to get rid of Sid. Alas, but Sid has dazed upon the arrival of his brothers (and sisters), and they are taking Domingo, Sid's favorite fish. And they think Sid himself is Dan. Sid decides to save his fish. That's how he finds out that the hunters put him in a trunk, and each of them has a key.

Having dealt with the hunters, Sid opens the chest and releases the demons. He tries to convince them to obey, but Vigo, who is king of Hell, does not agree. Demons start robbing Darkestville castle. Sid decides to stop them, because it is his city, and only he has the right to do evil here. Sid decides to ask for help from the hunters. Lisa says they can help if Dan (whom they think Sid is) wakes up the walrus, helps to create a potion for bone splicing, and gets their trunk. Sid manages all this, and they catch demons.

But Vigo catches them and takes them with him to Hell. Sid is angry with Vigo and plans to save the hunters. Dan helps him - he shows Sid the gate to Hell. After Sid goes through them, he intends to lock him in Hell. Once in Hell, Sid finds a secret passage to Vig's palace. He frees the hunters, after which he runs away from the king. As a result, he explodes the castle and flees Hell. In the tavern, he has fun with the hunters and tries to confess that he is not Dan. And the real Dan was put in a cage by Sid's teddy bear!

The characters

Sid is the protagonist, the demon, and Mount Darkestville. He is the last representative of the family of de Muerte, the real rulers of Hell (but he did not understand it).

  • Romero Mangosteen is the most agile and intelligent of the Romero brothers.
  • Romero Fox is the only girl among the Romero brothers. Very pretty.
  • Romero the Walrus is the strongest of the Romero brothers.
  • Vigo is an evil demon from the fifth circle of Hell. He is the ruler of all demons.

Dan Tipot, Sid's main rival since childhood, grew up in Darkestville. I am everywhere trying to prevent Sid to create evil (although the rest of the residents of the pranks of Sid do not pay attention). Hired the Romero Brothers to catch Sid (overestimated them, because they confused Sid with Dan).

Mr. Buttons is Sid's favorite and evil teddy bear, which is even angrier than Vigo.

Dreams Romero is the father of all Romero's brothers (and sisters) and can only be found out about him in the Romero folder. It doesn't appear in the game.

Mrs. Johnson is an old lady working for the mayor as a secretary. Sid is treated with kindness despite his atrocities.

Giovanni is a former adventurer, now the owner of the tavern. Sid is tolerant as long as he pays.

Summary about Darkestville Castle

Developer Buka Entertainment Enterprises
Latest Version 1.1.6
File size 67 Mb
Platforms Android 5.0
Content Rating 10+
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Installation Instructions:
  1. download .apk file;
  2. install app;
  3. download data for the game (zip archive);
  4. unzip data on the Path: /sdcard/android/obb/ru.buka.dville01/
  5. launch the game.