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Juice Cubes mod a wonderful game that will impress not only with its tasks and game modes but also with its ease of passing. The first five levels.

You look at the boot screen and enjoy the pleasant graphics, new character cubes, and buttons. When you start to play the fun is even more - game modes are well thought out, every movement can save you from losing, and get you into an impassable corner, so you need to think about each move, assess the situation, choose the right chain, and so on. Call the game a simple language does not turn, because sometimes you want to rip the hair out of the head, unable to think of a way to pass the level. Many variations of the playing field, many changes in the fruit chain, beautiful graphics, and simple control will not allow you to lag behind the game for a very long time. Do you think that casual games are annoying and they play only when the queue is long? But no, not guessed.

The gameplay process

I think everyone was playing products of this genre and got used to finding the same cubes on the playing field. Here the task has not changed, and you still need to find the same chain of fruit cubes and connect them to destroy and get points. Only if in regular games to connect dice can only be connected horizontally or vertically. In this game, you can make broken lines - to clamp the dice diagonally, create circles, and so on. Everything is done to ensure that the game would be more massive, more exciting, and diverse - you need to find ways to connect as many cubes as possible to get more points. Sometimes you wonder how long a chain you have created; sometimes, on the contrary, there is nothing that can be connected more than three times, but this is the game - all decides the case. Chains are also connected with the product's peculiarity - bombs.


The developers did everything to make the game as attractive as possible. When you collect a chain of fruit cubes more than three pieces, you get a small bomb, if more than 7 - a strong explosive. The weapon itself does not detonate, but if you combine it with a fruit of the same type, you get many points. Mixing two high explosives, you get an explosion on the whole playing field - it's a victory. There are many variations for detonating bombs, some bombs of different "types" cause many explosions, some of them almost no points. If you want to become a professional, learn all the ligaments.

Game Styles

The product will not make you play the same thing for a long time. First, you will be accustomed to the game, learn all the chips and control secrets, and then offer a new version of the game. It is necessary not only to collect the right amount of points but also to destroy the territory covered with sand - then the game will be considered won. Such levels are few. Then there is a new task - to destroy the chains so that they would skip a bucket of sand at the bottom of the playing field. I feel that there will be many more exciting options, but this is enough to play for hours.

The result is

The product falls in love with itself after the first launch and does not release for a second more. Many levels with different styles of tasks, different variations of chains and bombs, a large number of colorful animations, and unique skills of the player will not allow the game to get dusty. Of course, there is a donation, but in which free game is it not? Yes, and it does not affect the gameplay - it allows you to pass a massive level or do it faster. It's nothing compared to what you get besides donation.

Summary about Juice Cubes

Developer Playlab
Latest Version 1.84.01
File size 56 Mb
MOD Features MOD Unlimited Gold
Platforms Android 4.1
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