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High-quality graphics, several game modes, NBA LIVE Mobile real basketball teams - only a small part of what can boast of this game.

Game modes

It's a basketball simulator. Several game modes are presented, including daily events, season, and face-to-face.


The game is a real gift for true basketball fans. First, you will need to buy a set of players. Basketball players enter it randomly. Each athlete has its characteristics and characteristics. From this scattered pile of players, you will have to create your team. The sets of players are divided into several different categories. There are inexperienced, famous and legendary basketball players here.

Kits can be purchased both for in-game currency and for real money. You will be able to control the movement of players, make throws, give passes, and much more even though some ideas were borrowed from FIFA, the game managed to preserve its features.

Graphics and management

The graphic component of the game is close to the capabilities of the game consoles of the old generation. Despite the excessively high resolution of images, everything is perfectly optimized and works stably.

As for the management system, it is well adapted for mobile devices, but the owners of gadgets with a large diagonal of the screen can have specific difficulties. Playing on tablets is not very convenient at all.

Summary about NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball

Latest Version 5.2.10
Platforms Android
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