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  • Android 4.1 +
  • Vesion: 3.1.18
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Fans of old classics should like the new creative mobile game Slidey, which can be a great time killer.

Slidey belongs to a full genre of games based on the classic Tetris formula. The player faces an endless flow of blocks that need to be lined up in horizontal lines to remove them from the screen. The whole gameplay consists of moving the blocks left and right and combining them with each other. The goal of the game is to accumulate as many points as possible before the bricks are eaten by the big mouth at the top of the screen. Slidey has no time limits and does not require a constant connection to the Internet, so it is an excellent way to occupy yourself during long flights and trips.

In this game, the difficulty increases with each new level, which requires concentration and attention. Some blocks electrify, and when they disappear, they remove all other blocks that touched them. Over time, you can learn to position the electrical units so that they clean large square areas of the playing field. At the top of the gaming, the screen is a shaman figure; sometimes, he can remove a block, which will help to avoid losing. However, such actions of the shaman cannot be predicted.

The real value of this game is to learn through practice. First, the player thinks about each step and the consequences of combining blocks, and then he begins to choose the right option intuitively. When you reach a new level, the number of points for each cleared block increases, which is the right motivation.

Slidey is available for download on iOS and Android.

Summary about Slidey: Block Puzzle

Developer Habby
Latest Version 3.1.18
File size 38 Mb
MOD Features MOD Money
Platforms Android 4.1
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