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She Wants Me Dead is a scrolling game from the Hello Their Games development team. Download She Wants Me Dead for free on our website.

Why download She Wants Me Dead for Android?

The main character of the game, Max, seriously offended his cat Lulu, so she left him. Now Lula will try her best to take revenge on her master, preventing her from getting there. To do this, she created and set up sophisticated traps with the signature "for Max," designed to kill the offender.

Graphics and music

One of the main advantages of She Wants Me Dead is the atmosphere. You can see at once that the developers wanted to focus on two components: graphics and music. The first one allows us to experience the spirit of the game fully: gloomy locations create a real sense of hopelessness, and their quality performance makes us come back to the game again and again.

We shouldn't forget that She Wants Me Dead is a game based on the eponymous track of the Swedish duo Cazzette, and therefore with its use. That's why the game is enjoyable in terms of music.


Technically, the game is simple. It consists of only two elements: moving around the locations by clicking on the left side of the screen and jumping over obstacles and holes by clicking on the right side of the display. But it's too easy to call it a game. As it passes, the traps will become more complex and unexpected, and the obstacles more and more deadly.

To ensure that the player does not lose all progress immediately after death, control points and "hearts" were created the remaining available attempts to pass the level.

The main features:

  • Stunning black and white graphics;
  • Music from the Cazzette duo;
  • Simple control, consisting of two buttons;

Download She Wants Me Dead for free. This is an exciting platforming game with a good story, beautiful graphics, and inspiring music. Source: Play Apk.

Summary about She Wants Me Dead

Developer Hello There Games
Latest Version 1.4
File size 41 Mb
MOD Features MOD
Platforms Android 2.3
Content Rating 17+
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