Iron Tanks โ€“ Online Battle

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  • Android 4.1 +
  • Vesion: 3.09
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Iron Tanks is a multiplayer simulator of futuristic tank battles for Android with RPG setting elements. Players will have to create and improve armored vehicles of the future, then led them into battle and plunge the opponents in enemy tanks.

The game features dozens of varieties of guns, hundreds of camouflages, several dozen auxiliary combat modules, different locations for free battles, and arenas for particular quest battles.

Iron Tanks gameplay

  • Explore the characteristics of the base machines in the hangar and choose the one you like the most;
  • Use the strengths of your base tank, do not let enemies use your weaknesses for your good, hide from high-level enemies and destroy the fighting vehicles that you "in your teeth";
  • Pick up the parts falling from the fallen tanks, get combat experience for each killed enemy and use them to develop your tank;
  • Pump up the strengths of your armored vehicle by installing more advanced modules responsible for the characteristics of your muscles;
  • If possible, try to level out the effect of your tank's weaknesses by installing the appropriate modules, but be careful so as not to damage the strengths;
  • Apply camouflage, additional equipment, and customization elements to your tank to get even more advantages in combat encounters and stand out among other players;
  • Dominate random location battles and complete command tasks in particular arena battles;

Take first place in the game's ranking and become the most effective tanker in the envy of all other players.

Features of the simulator

  • Futuristic armored vehicles and firepower guns;
  • Colossal quantity of tools of customization of the tank;
  • The decent level of visualization;
  • Daily updated battle quests;
  • Clan system;
  • Several conceptually different "technological lines" of pumping, each of which corresponds to its style of play;
  • The highest dynamics of fighting;
  • Pleasant soundtrack;
  • Integrated all-game chat.


  • Absence of a single-player;
  • Consumes a lot of traffic;
  • Required to the "iron";
  • Integrated advertising;
  • Part of the content is paid.

Summary about Iron Tanks โ€“ Online Battle

Developer Extreme Developers
Latest Version 3.09
File size 39 Mb
Platforms Android 4.1
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