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Tanks in computer games from the very beginning of the virtual entertainment industry. The first consoles, then computers, and now mobile devices. As for the latter, successful projects can be counted on the fingers. Therefore, Block Tank Wars became a pleasant surprise for all fans of tank battles, as the game is most reminiscent of the very same tanchiki in which the owners of 8-bit consoles in the dark 90's cut off hours all the way through.

The single-user campaign has four worlds of 18 stages each, and the developer promises to add new worlds always. The task of the tanker is the destruction of enemy equipment at the level. To do this is not so easy, because our car can withstand only three hits. The enemy is not stupid and hits precisely the target, so get ready for constant maneuvering since some types of shells have the property to rebound from the obstacles, to take into account many factors, and to think about the tactics of three steps forward.

With each destroyed tank earned money for which you can buy new containers. Now it's seven fighting machines, starting with the fourth except the main gun appears automatic machine gun, which will protect light tanks of the enemy, allowing you to focus fire on massive targets. Every tenth level, we will fight with the boss, a particularly powerful and armored tank.

There are three game modes in lock Tank Wars:

  • Company;
  • Survival;
  • Online.

In the second mode, you can earn the missing money for the new tank, but the latter is still closed, but the developers promise to run soon and this mode, as well as pumping tanks. The game has a minimalistic graphics, not distracting from the process, the sounds are quite interesting, but the music pumped up the melody is only one and quickly stalling.

Control is far from ideal, but you can get used to it already to the second level. Block Tank Wars is an excellent time killer now and perhaps the best online arcade in the future, and therefore it is necessary to hone your skills today.

Summary about Block Tank Wars

Developer GDCompany
Latest Version 1.19
File size 98 Mb
MOD Features MOD Money
Platforms Android 4.1
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