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Sixaxis Controller allows you to use your Sixaxis and DualShock 3 controllers in many of your favorite games and applications.

Here's how it works for YouTube Up to four Sixaxis and DualShock 3 controllers are supported at once All 17 buttons on the controller can be matched with any key in Android Analog sticks work as numeric keys.


1. Download and install Sixaxis Pair Tool. Run it and connect the controller to the computer with a USB cord. After the driver is installed automatically, the MAC address in xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx: xxx is displayed

2. Now run Sixaxis Controller on your phone.

Click on Start. The program asks for root permissions, and at the bottom, you will see Local Bluetooth Address, also in xx:xx:xx:xx:xx: xx format type it in Sixaxis Pair Tool on your computer, in the Change Master field and click Update. Then disconnect the controller from the computer.

3. Turn on the controller with the PS button (round in the middle). If there is only one light on the controller, it works!

If Connection Failed writes, your device is not supported

4. Now all you have to do is click the Change Input Method in the program and select Sixax is Controller.

If you want to reconnect the joystick to the device again, connect it to PS3 and turn on the device first, and then the gamepad will be caught by the device itself.

90% works on custom firmware (Cyanogen Mod, MIUI). Functionality on drain firmware (especially with Sense) is not guaranteed.

Does not work on android 4.2 How to add touch button emulation profiles.

Create your profile:

From the main program screen, press Menu>Preferences>Edit Touch Profiles to add, resize, etc. on-screen buttons through the menu.

Add a complete profile:

To the folder located at

/sdcard/data/com.dancin gpixel studios.sixaxis controller/profiles

Drop-in your map profiles (don't forget to unzip the profile if it's in the archive, then select the profile you want on the main program screen in the Active Touch Profile field instead of None What's new?

Now compatible with Android KitKat 4.4. Fix for some new controllers wrongly being detected as fake. Experimental vibration feedback (enable under General Settings) Fix for some fake controllers. You have added an exponential curve adjustment to the analog touch button. New driver for devices with MTK chipsets. Support for Play Station ® Move Navigation Controller. Added Brazilian Portuguese (if you're interested in translating the app to other languages, please get in touch).

Summary about Sixaxis Controller

Latest Version 1.1.3
Platforms Android 2.3
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