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Pinterest is a social Internet service similar to YouTube, with the only difference that it "plays" the role not of a video placement platform, but a platform for search and publication of images (photo hosting). The popularity of the resource allows any user to find the material of interest to him, and a variety of subjects, sometimes very original and rare. It does not matter what you are interested in - the search for recipes for unusual culinary dishes or looking for new ideas for a decorative transformation of the interior of your home. Or maybe you are interested in paintings of fine art? As part of this service, you will find the image you are interested in!

The interface and list of functions of Pinterest are intuitive and straightforward on an intuitive level - by typing in the search line of the desired phrase, you will instantly get a list of material directly or indirectly related to the request. You can create your collections from pictures you like, so you can access them at any time and share them with friends or strangers from around the world.

Although Pinterest is positioned as a social project, there is only a minimum amount of time for communication in text format, as most of the time users look for the necessary material, study the boards of other members of the service, leave comments under the pictures and give their approval through the usual "like" system.

It is possible to use Pinterest in various variations - when planning a vacation; it will be superfluous, for example, to see the most famous sights and places located territorially in a given area. Jewelry, exclusive outfits, critical historical moments, fashionable hairstyles, sporting events, transport, and much more, it is impossible to list everything.

The quality and capabilities of Pinterest network are evidenced by the fact that at one time, it was ranked by Time edition among the most useful resources. Registration on the portal is done either by e-mail or through Twitter and Facebook accounts, which is even more convenient as these two networks are used by the vast majority of people around the world. Look for like-minded people, discover new facets, socialize and share every moment of your life with outsiders by making your profile open, or let only a select group of friends and family follow your page.

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