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Battle of Tallarn is a fascinating turn-based strategy that unfolds in the Warhammer universe.

Right into battle.

When you start, you want to go straight to the battlefield. If the user is not yet familiar with the mechanics of such applications, the training mode is provided.

One of the main disadvantages of this strategy - the complete absence of the Russian language, so beginners will be quite problematic to understand all the nuances of the gameplay.

The command gives the order

The strategy consists of several modes, including three long campaigns and a single mission mode. In each manner, the user is assigned a specific task, as well as a certain number of units.

It is worth noting that the game will please a vast number of different vehicles (66 types), as well as the arsenal - 54 types of weapons.

Every step is essential.

Any action at the Battle of Tallarna must be supported by logic because one wrong move can ruin the whole game shortly. Therefore it is recommended not to disable the confirmation at the end of a movement.

Summary about Battle of Tallarn

Latest Version 1.0
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