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The Facebook application was created so that any mobile device on Os Android could fully interact with one of the largest social networks, providing its owner with all the functionality of the social network Facebook (hereinafter referred to as FB), previously available only to users of stationary (PC) and portable (laptops, etc.) computers.

Installing this program-client on your smartphone or tablet, you will be able to communicate with old friends, make new acquaintances, take notes, leave comments, post photos, and videos, etc., that is, enjoy all the features of this popular social network.

A full range of functions to perform any actions in the social network, ease of learning and management, full compatibility with all devices on Android - these are the hallmarks of the client program Facebook for Android. Download its Russified version can be found on our page, absolutely free.

The program provides simple, high speed and reliability of communication when communicating with friends on a social network. Updates to the news feed are made automatically, and notifications about the actions of users with whom contact is established, come immediately after they are made.

Brief information on functionality and management

Among the useful options of Facebook for Android, we would like to mention the presence of chat, which facilitates and speeds up the process of communication with friends. The list of contacts to communicate in the chat is set by the user and can be edited by them at their discretion. This is done by clicking the appropriate button (editing) with the subsequent selection of subscribers with whom the device owner wants to communicate in the chat.

You can call up the main menu in two ways: either by pressing the button located on the screen (upper left corner) or by moving the main page to the right as much as possible. If you move the page to the left, you will see a button at the top right to call the contact list. The program also allows you to directly download from Play Market almost all the games that are popular among fans of this social network.

Download and install

You can download and install this client software on your device on our website, and it is entirely free. But you can also use the Play Market service. After installing the program on your device, FB users will begin to receive real-time information about events in the lives of their friends and their activities in the social network. He will also be able to continuously monitor the emergence of new products and updates on the pages of their favorite authors and creative teams, at any time, regardless of their location (the main thing is to have access to the Internet), post comments, publish their photos or video files in the FB.

Competent and responsible specialists staff the support service, it operates 24 hours a day, so the response to all complaints or emerging questions should be as quick as possible. To download the program from our website for free, follow the link below.

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