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An unusual first-person view android wound, in which we will help the protagonist escape from the crowds of walking dead. The plot of the game is quite standard, on our planet came another zombie apocalypse, almost all people turned into zombies, but our main character was lucky to stay alive.

The guy lived quietly on his farm until the mutants got to it, now there is nothing left to save his life by running, and you will have to help him in this. Our ward runs, as usual, on his own, his way runs among the gloomy forests and fields that are flooded with the dead; your task is to dodge the zombies that will be caught in the way. Playing zombies in the fog [Into the Dead] on the android will always throw the player new tasks that are desirable to perform.

Typically, you need to pass a certain number of meters, shoot a specific amount of walking dead, and everything in this spirit. But you can pull the evil, and even very necessary to a vast arsenal of weapons, which is presented in the game, perform tasks, get money and buy such guns that the shot will tear the enemies to pieces. Also, the developers have not forgotten to add to their creation, and various bonuses that are very cool help in the races, plus the use of such gifts brings some variety in the gameplay.

This game keeps in constant tension, all thanks to the refreshing gameplay, excellent sound, which creates an atmosphere of apocalypse and quality graphics. By the way, the latter adds some mysticism to the game, the picture is made in total darkness, the location is completely immersed in the mist, and the colors appear only when the flashlight works.

Summary about Into the Dead

Developer PIKPOK
Latest Version 2.6.0
MOD Features Mod Gold Unlocked
Platforms Android 4.1
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