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CarX Drift Racing 2 - headed the top drift racing. Like the first part of the CarX Drift Racing, the game instantly saddled up the game charts for Android. Fifty million fans around the world are already mastering the virtual tracks of the game universe, and rave reviews confirm that the race is made qualitatively and rich in events.

The drift simulator has become even brighter, more interesting, exciting, and intense. Players are waiting for an abundance of tracks, realism, the ability to drift at high speed, controlling skid, and more!


The CarX Drift Racing 2 has several modes. Single Game, Network Game, and a brand new Simulator Mode - Drift Pair. Lines open up over the levels; there is an extensive fleet of vehicles with tuning capabilities; for the money earned in the races, the player can choose the aprons and install in your car. Options such as coloring a vehicle or putting stickers on it are attached.

In Single Play, gamers are encouraged to open tracks named after different cities around the world. Each track is accompanied by a table showing how many points a player must score to win awards and prizes. Rewards in the race are experience points, coins, and recognition of fans, because what kind of racer can do without fame for a long time?

In-Network Mode, drivers, are expected to duel with other players. Here wins the one who scores more points, showing the beautiful elements of the drift. At the end of the races, each gamer gets points, and when he accumulates a certain amount, he moves from one division to another to compete with more advanced opponents.


Pair drift mode - XDS is designed for 2 consecutive runs. The player plays the first pass as Leader, the second pass is performed by the Stalker, and the player chases after himself. This is an excellent option for preparing participation in network races, where opponents of racers will not be AI and experienced professionals. To assess the drift in the mode for the first time used 100 points system of electronic judging by sectors, developed by analogy with judging in professional competitions on the drift.

In this mode, the player waits a long time for experimentation. He will be able to change the Leader and Stalker machines to find the golden mean that will allow him to be first on the finish line and to score maximum points by passing repetitions. With the XDS, it's refreshing to experiment by practicing your driving style.


In the CarX Drift Racing 2, the fleet is significantly updated. Cars are unrealistically many, and they are very qualitatively traced. Cars repeat the well-known models, but since the franchise on them is not bought, the driver will have to guess what "beast" is hidden behind another innovation. When you spend gaming money, the gamer will get a car with factory settings, and if you pay the donation, it will open access to other vehicles with robust features and a full dodger. However, the developers do not prevent players by buying a zero car, turn it into an elite vehicle even for single-game currency.

Tuning in the CarX Drift Racing 2 is taken to a separate level, there is a different menu, where the vinyl guru has already invented fresh templates for cars. Models are sold for gambling money. And again, no one prevents the player from not taking the templates, and come up with your style car, using the talent of the airbrush artist.

In addition to vinyl, the car can be tuned with aprons. And not only outside, decorating the car with spoilers, grilles, stained-glass trunks or disks, but also outside, finishing the seats, steering wheel, and other parts of the interior of the car.

No damage to the vehicle is foreseen, the maximum that can happen to it is tire wear. Therefore, a gamer can safely drift, not worrying that his "masterpiece" will spread on asphalt one careless movement. Because of the wear and tear, the tires have to be changed. At this point, it's better not to "bolt," because the quality of tires determines the behavior of the machine on the track, and, consequently, the set of points and coins.

The developers offer several control options, but the most convenient, as always, is to tilt the mobile device to the side. Gas and brake are on the screen and are located on different teams, so you will need two fingers to make the adrenaline car on the road.

Cameras shoot what's happening on the screen from different angles. But if you want to drive with a view from the cabin, the player will have to remove the tint from the windshield. Otherwise, the day will turn into night, and the trip will be concise and ineffective.



Pros: graphics, music, and sound for all five points, an abundance of cars, a lot of options for tuning, a lot of different tracks, fashion for a lot of money, developers are continually launching the event.

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